Location: Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensigh-2202 (120 km North of Dhaka), Bangladesh.

Goal: To attain food security by management of seed health and seed quality with the production of high quality seeds in the country for maximizing crop yield.

Mandate: Research, Teaching, Training and Extension in seed pathology.

Facilities: A 450 m2  Separate  Laboratory building consisting of four well-equipped Laboratories – Mycology , Virology, Bacteriology and Nematology and a 100 m2 Net house having  small room as green house, well  trained scientist and technicians are present in the Laboratory 

Financial and Technical support:  BAU (Bangladesh Agricultural University), DANIDA (Danish International Development Agency),  MoA

On going Activities: Routine Seed Health Test (RSHT) for seed   supplied by different souces.

Research: SPC’s applied Research, Co- operative Research with MS. and Ph.D. students of the department of Plant pathology, Seed Science and Technology and others faculty.  So far, up to January-June/2017 Semester under the Department of Plant Pathology 260 MS and 10 PhD students conducted their researches for their respective thesis exclusively in the area of Seed Pathology. 

Teaching: Both at Undergraduate and Post graduate levels in cooperation with Department of Plant   pathology, BAU.


► Identified about 250 seed-borne pathogens of   various crops grown in Bangladesh.

►   Developed “Earthen-dish Newsprint Paper” a Quick and Economic Seed Health Testing Technique.

►  Formulated interim ‘Seed Standard for Black Point Disease and Leaf Bligh Pathogen, Bipolaris sorokiniana   in wheat.

►  Management of seed-borne disease of rice and wheat through use of clean seeds.

►  Control of seed-borne pathogens through use of  Garlic extract.

►  Effectiveness of BAU-Biofungicide as a biocontrol agent.


  • Training of specialists, extension officers, Block supervisors, Technicians, NGO Personnel and Farmers on Seed Health. Management of seed borne diseases and Production of healthy seeds.
  • Conducted 51 training courses for Officer & Experts, Block Supervisors/Technicians   and Farmers.
  • Trained a Total of 1093 Personnel in Seed Pathology.

*Training programs Conducted by SPC (1988-2017)


No. of Trainings

Number of Trainees

  1. Experts & Officers



  1. Block supervisors



  1. Farmers







 * Post-Graduate Certificate Course on Seed Technology: 160 participants (SID/DANIDA)


Incorporation of Seed Health Technology into DAE, NGO’s and seed companies.



Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC)

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)

Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI)

Bangladesh Jute  Research Institute (BJRI)

National Seed Board (NSB)

Seed Certification Agency (SCA)

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE)

Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation. (BADC)

Non Government Organization. (NGOS) BRAC, PROSHIKA, RDRS

Service Available

► Routine Seed Health Test (RSHT) for all crops.

►Instant virus detection.

►Joint Research Programs with Govt. Semi Govt. and Private organization.

►Training of Officers, Specialist, Technicians, NGO personnel and Farmers engaged in Seed health and seed related activities.

►Consultancy on Seed Health and Seed Technology.

Future Programs

►Fixation of seed health and field health standard of notified crops (Rice, Wheat, Jute, Maize, cotton, sugarcane and potato) in Bangladesh.

►Management of quality of seeds in storage.

►Management of farmer’s seed health and its impact.

►Technology transfer : Eco-friendly management of seed borne diseases.

►Post graduate certificate course on seed   technology (if fund is available).

►To develop effective linkage with DANIDA.Seed Pathology centre / Laboratories in the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

►To initiate research programs on vegetables propagated by seeds.